How ASPHostPortal Handle Phishing and Fraud?

We at ASPHostPortal are aware of how important the hosting environment is for your website. A website may perform worse in search engine results if it is hosted on a server or IP address linked to scammers.

We’re thrilled to share the news that we’ve partnered with Sift Science, a top supplier of machine learning fraud detection in real time. This should result in a 95% decrease in phishing attempts on our network. We think it will virtually eliminate fraud from our service.

Your website will rank higher in search results as a result!

Technology Using Fingerprints

We take online fraud seriously; according to experts, attempts to commit online fraud rose by up to 30% in 2015. We are excited to partner with a service that uses cutting edge technology to safeguard businesses like Uber, Airbnb, and Twitter, as we want your website to appear as high in search results as possible.

“Sift Science employs cutting-edge techniques like client device fingerprinting, which is specific data associated with an individual client that informs us of any prior negative account history. In order to stop abusers on other websites from abusing us, this service shares the data. “We can create more engaging online experiences for our customers when we know which of our customers are real,” stated Jarvis Bowen, VP Business Manager at ASPHostPortal, a global ASP.NET hosting company with 5 million hosted websites and 8 million users.

How to Protect Your Site from Malware

How Fraud Affects Your Website?

Regarding this matter, Google and other search engines take it seriously.

“In certain instances, where spammers have essentially monopolized a significant portion of the service, we might have to take more forceful measures to safeguard our users and eliminate the complete service from our search results,” according to Google.

Sift Science Preserves Over $1 Trillion

It’s a common complaint that banks and credit card companies do little or nothing to stop fraudsters, and that they frequently seem content to place the blame on the victims of their schemes. This is where Sift Science comes in; using its tailored cloud-hosted machine learning and behavior analytics platform, it protects thousands of websites and hundreds of businesses against online fraud by analyzing hundreds of millions of fraud patterns in real-time every day.

According to Sift Science, it helps consumers reject more than 9 million fraudulent charges annually, saving them over $1 billion. Twitter, Airbnb, Yelp, Twilio,, Indeed, Zillow, and Wayfair are just a few of its clients.


  • The machine learning platform is driven by more than 16,000 fraud signals that are updated in real-time based on activity on more than 6,000 websites worldwide (and counting).
  • In a survey of 401 merchants and 1,021 U.S. consumers, American Express found that payment security is still a top concern for both companies and consumers. Payment fraud has affected almost half (48%) of US consumers who have shopped online in the last year, or about 80 million online shoppers.


Choosing provider is really important for your website. You must find reliable hosting provider that has best security system so you feel safe and you just need focusing to grow up your website. To get complete protection on your website, you can also use ASPHostPortal hosting services. In one hosting service package you can get a free domain complete with SSL protection!

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