Grow Your Business with Cloud Dedicated Server

Dedicated hosting is a hosting service that is suitable for large-scale websites because one server is only used by one user. This allows your site to avoid downtime.

Even though this type of hosting looks convincing for a website, you still need to know what shortcomings it still has before you decide to use it. Therefore ASPHostPortal will review in full starting from the meaning of dedicated hosting, how it works, the disadvantages and the advantages!

What is Dedicated Server?

Dedicated hosting is a hosting service where one server can only be used by one user or one hosting account. So it can be said if you use one server with all its contents without being able to share it with other users.

With dedicated hosting, you can control the server and make full use of the resources. So you don’t need to worry about downtime, and a sudden increase in traffic.

When compared to shared hosting, this hosting service is indeed more profitable in terms of capacity and access control.

How it Works?

The way dedicated hosting works can be analogized in a simple way, suppose you buy a new house that is still empty, after buying it the seller will of course hand over his full rights to you, starting from filling the house to decorating it.

Likewise with dedicated hosting, after you buy this service at a hosting provider, you will get one server that you are free to modify. Starting from installing software, using resources, installing operating systems, and various other things.

That’s why dedicated hosting is the right service for large-scale platforms such as e-commerce, online games, enterprise business, or other businesses.

Advantages and Disadvantages Using Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting services are indeed the right choice for those of you who have a large-scale platform, so what are the advantages of dedicated hosting compared to other services and what are the drawbacks that can be taken into consideration before buying. Check out the explanation below.


1. Have full access & free to modify

As mentioned above, on dedicated hosting you will get full access to the server and are free to make modifications or configurations on the server. Among them are OS selection, CPU usage, memory, and many other configurations that you can do.

2. Prevent downtime

Full control on servers and hosting resources keeps you from downtime. Resources on this type of hosting are not limited at all, so that when your site has an increase in traffic, the server can still cope and no downtime will occur.

3. Have maximum performance

Because all the resources on the server are used by only one user, you don’t need to worry about the performance of your website. Therefore, when you want to choose a hosting provider, make sure the service uses a reliable network, this ensures that websites can operate faster with maximum performance.

4. Security and privacy guaranteed

Because server resources are fully dedicated to one user, website security is guaranteed because the risk of attack or malware can be reduced.


1. More expensive

Dedicated hosting requires a higher cost compared to other types of hosting such as shared hosting or VPS. This fee is required to rent a server privately, which is certainly more expensive than a server that is shared with other users. Especially if you need a high enough specification, then the price will be much more expensive.

2. Requires special skills

The next drawback to dedicated hosting is that it requires special skills to manage it. At a minimum, you should understand how to install and configure servers, as well as update and maintain software installed on servers. If you are not able to manage your server, please don’t worry since we have managed services if you purchase dedicated server from us.

Final Verdict

Up to this point, you already know the meaning of dedicated hosting, right? Dedicated hosting is a hosting service with facilities in the form of a single server that can be fully controlled and used by only one user.

Full control of servers and resources makes this type of hosting have a large capacity and avoid downtime, making it suitable for platforms such as e-commerce or other large platforms.

ASPHostPortal hosting can be a choice of providers for those of you who are looking for Windows ASP.NET hosting services. With the best Anti-DDoS protection and the latest cloud technology with software defined storage, your website will always be available. So, what are you waiting for? Join now and feel the difference!

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