3 Best Free Remote MySQL Database Application that You Can Use Anywhere, Anytime!

A website definitely needs a database server or hosting to store all kinds of information and data; such as username, password, font, and URL. And to manage this data, we need a remote database manager application that can be used to view, modify, delete, or add data to the database.

Currently, one of the best database management system (DBMS) applications available is MySQL. The DBMS that uses SQL (Structured Query Language) basic commands is quite popular, because so far it has been used by more than six million users worldwide.

MySQL is database creation software that is open source and can be used on Windows and Linux platforms. Due to its network nature, MySQL can also be used for multiuser applications. This application can also be used for free under the GPL license.

This article will focus on three free MySQL Client applications that you can use to perform database management remotely.

3 Best FREE Remote MySQL Database Application

1. Workbench

Workbench is a GUI-based application with a desktop-based interface, and can run on Windows, Linux and MAC OS operating systems. Apart from being able to access the database remotely, another advantage of Workbench is that it can store query code and can save more than one connection. Many people like Workbench because of its ability to schematize nice relationships, resulting in neat looking diagrams.

2. SQLyog

Similar to Workbench, SQLyog is also a desktop-based database management (GUI) application. There are three types of packages offered by this application, and you can choose according to your needs; Professional, Enterprise and Pro. SQLyog can only run on Windows operating systems. Some of the advantages possessed by this application, including its fast and lightweight work performance, many reliable features, and being able to manage more than one connection.

3. Navicat

Navicat is a database tool that can be used by database admins and developers. This application has a variety of database-related products, including Navicat for MySQL, Navicat for PostgreSQL, and Navicat for MongoDB.

Navicat can already run on various platforms, such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and iOS. Apart from having a beautiful and modern appearance, Navicat has several substantial advantages, including; supports data transfer, synchronization, and data migration, has Navicat Cloud to facilitate team collaboration, cross-platform licensing, and supports SSH tunnel.


Above is top 3 best free MySQL database remote application. Instead of using Phpmyadmin on control panel on your hosting application, you can use above 3 tools to connect your MySQL.

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