ASP.NET Core 8 is NOW Available on ASPHostPortal

We are happy to announce that all ASPHostPortal servers are now supporting ASP.NET Core 8. New customers and existing customers can request this features by creating ticket to our support team and our support team will setup it for you.

To learn more about the new features of the most recent ASP.NET Core 8 version, read this blog post through to the end.

New Features

Now let’s explore some of the new features that ASP.NET Core 8 offers. While there aren’t any revolutionary additions or significant updates to speak of in this version, it does include some important new features that have the potential to greatly improve ASP.NET Core development.

1. Global Exception Handling

If you’re an old-time core dev, you surely have already implemented something to catch every exception, log it, send appropriate responses to clients, and ensure that no critical information is leaked in production. Over the years, several blog posts and nugget packages were released to automate this process. Now we can add it with minimal effort in ASPnet core on ASP.NET Core 8.

2. Support Native AOT in ASP.NET Core

AOT: Ahead of Time Compilation

This is the process of compiling source code written in a high-level programming language into a lower-level language before it is executed.

JIT: Just in Time Compilation

This is the process of compiling a program while it is running. This has always been used in dotnet to translate any dotnet language into machine code when necessary. When a “.exe” or dll containing dotnet language code (such as C#, F#, etc.) is executed, the JIT compiler converts the CIL code into the native code of the underlying operating system.

We can now compile and release core apps as native AOT in dotnet 8. However, as Microsoft notes here (, the initial focus will be on cloud-native API applications.

3. Add Authorization Policies Easily

Authorization policies require the writing of a lot of code to be implemented. particularly if you plan to build unique policy attributes. With Core’s new feature in Dotnet 8, authorization policies can be easily created with fewer lines of code. The inclusion of IAuthorizationRequirementData makes this feasible. This has the benefit that the authorization policy’s requirements can also be specified in the attribute definition.

4. New ASP.NET Core Metrics

When adding telemetry and diagnostic features to your software in the past, you had to write neat code in conjunction with the SDK provided by the telemetry provider. It was frequently necessary to rewrite the instrumentation code when switching vendors. This was an issue that required attention.

System.Diagnostics is meant to handle this.An API for metrics was made. This was created in cooperation with Open Telemetry and offers telemetry cross-platform APIs.

5. Better Debugging Experience

It’s now more enjoyable to use your source code to play detective. On ASP.NET Core 8, locating pertinent and crucial information about types like the HttpContext and WebApplication is much simpler. On the debug window, even IConfiguration values are easily visible.


You can get all the features at ASPHostPortal. We are committed to providing our clients with the latest and greatest in ASP.NET technology well ahead of the others.

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